Our World Famous Pit Tootsie Hospitality Crew has the Brains, Beauty and the Love of Motorsport Racing.
We are the Largest National Promotional Model Production Company that specializes in the Motorsport World.
This is a partial list of the Pit Tootsie Hospitality Crew
Each girl has the Brains and Beauty you are looking for and have been trained and tested for their knowledge of the Motorsport World



'Apex' Alisha | 5'8" 36-26-38

Alisha describes herself as a fun, outgoing, blue eyed beauty that has grown up with a love for the races and a need for speed! This small town girl was born and raised in Michigan, and is also very outgoing, loves to laugh, and is sure to engage any audience. | MENU |


'Electric' EJ | 5'11" 34C-24-35

Elizabeth, better known as Electric EJ, is very charming and flirtatious but extremely professional. EJ has experience in promotional and fashion/editorial modeling and has a walk you won't forget and laugh that will keep you smiling. She will electrify your next gathering. | MENU |


'Mustang' Marissa | 5'6" 34-24-34 110 lbs
Marissa was born and raised in a small town called Deland, FL which is right outside of one of the largest race cities in the country, Daytona Beach. Growing up so close to the track, racing is ingrained into Marissa's fiber. Marissa has attended Coke Zero 400 every year for the past ten years and been an avid Dale Jr. fan. Now living in LA, Marissa is very excited to be part of the Pit Tootsies. | MENU |


'Cadillac' Casey | 5'8" 34B-24-36 127 lbs

As Miss Los Angeles 2005, Casey worked to help heal abused children through the power of art. Casey currently is a red carpet correspondent for Maxim Online. Casey loves going fast so hold on tight and let her uniqueness increase traffic at your next trade show. | MENU |


'Cobra' Jessica | 5'6" 34-24-34
This soap opera star will melt your heart with her precious smile and phenomenal dancing. Jessica has an upbeat and fun personality and has worked as a promo model for many car and liquor companies. Let Jessica's big transparent blue eyes attract many new customers to your next show. | MENU |


'Coupe de Ville' Kimberly

This self proclaimed “girly tomboy” radiates fun and has extensive modeling experience. This includes vast promotional work, print work, and even professional makeup artistry. Let this warmhearted beauty light up your next event. | MENU |


'Carrera' Caleche

As Miss Nevada 2007, Caleche, is an extremely bright, articulate and professional woman with a winning smile. Caleche also has a great business sense and is a very talented singer. Hire this superstar for your upcoming event and be the talk of the show. | MENU |


'Max Revs' Naureen | 5"7" 34C-26-37

This covergirl has graced the cover of Stuff magazine and Maxim, plus she has a perfect 10-0 record in Model Boxing. Whether it’s cars, speedboats, or motocross Naureen will be there to cheer the racers to the finish line. Checkered flag....here she comes. | MENU |


'Turbo' Tashia | 5'6" 32C-24-34

This easy going California model loves to socialize, is energetic and likes fast cars as well as the guys who drive them. Let her humor and gorgeous looks increase your sales at your next event. | MENU |


'ECU' Elyse

As Miss Washington 2007 and second runner-up to Miss America in 2008, Elyse will stun the public with her vibrant beauty and sharp wit. | MENU |


'Lambo' Lesley | 5'7" 34A-26-32 120 lbs
Lesley was born in Mammoth Lakes, CA but was raised in Quito, Ecuador South America, where her family started and maintains an orphanage. She is ambitious and loves to meet new people and have new experiences. She has always had an interest in motorsports ever since when her dad used to take her on rides on his motorcycle. Lesley would be the perfect addition to any event; her bright smile and charisma are contagious to the fans! | MENU |


'Aston Martin' Antra | 5'11" 34-25-35
Born in Latvia, Eastern Europe this statuesque beauty has modeled all over the world. Antra’s long legs helped her excel in basketball-she even played for the national team of Latvia at the tender age of 15. Antra describes herself as joyful, intelligent, dependable, open minded, goal oriented, and hard working. Her hobbies are dancing, beach volleyball, make-up artistry, camping, hiking, rollerblading, swimming, pilates and of course traveling and enjoying life! | MENU |


'E Class' Eleanor | 5' 8" 34B-25-34

This exotic beauty is in a class of her own. On the road with her motorcycle license, she truly appreciates speed and intelligent moves. Off the road, she's got a B.A. in Economics from UCLA and modeling experience in commercials, print, music videos and promotional events. Watch her talents merge with fun and excitement as Eleanor drives your event to a top finish! | MENU |


'Jaguar' Juliet | 5'4" 33C-24-34
This fun-loving graphic arts student enjoys modeling and is no stranger to the motorsport world. Having experienced Laguna Seca's famous "corkscrew" at speed, Juliet can talk the talk and walk the walk. Juliet’s modeling includes: promotions at the Sun Dance Film Festival, modeling swimwear at Maxim events, and acting as the Patron Racing Team 2008 Honda Umbrella Girl. | MENU |


'Brickyard' Brianne | 5'9"

This outgoing Vegas blonde is a versatile model and marketing major. Her promotional experience includes: CES, Project/MAGIC, WSA, SEMA, Hot Import Nights, AVN, Big Smoke and much more. | MENU |


'Cabriolet' Kara

This Vegas local is your girl next door with vast promotional experience. Kara has exceptional communication skills, is extremely outgoing and exudes fun. With Kara's contagious smile you are guaranteed to win over new customers. | MENU |


'Cockpit' Crystal | 5' 7" 32C-23-32 105lbs.
This MBA exotic beauty is very outgoing and has been in the modeling industry for almost 10 years. Crystal has been the cover girl for AutoWorld Magazine, shot print ads for Lexus, a calendar for Ferrari, and has modeled at Hot Import Nights and International Auto shows. Crystal favorite movie is the "Fast and Furious" and Danica Patrick is her super hero! She wishes one day to become a female racer like Danica! | MENU |


'ZR1' Szilva | 5'9" 34C-26-34
Szilva is knowledgeable in motorsports and has had an interest in high performance cars and bikes since she was young with an older brother who used to rebuild track machines. Szilva has hosted motorsports show and events including LA Auto Show, Hot Import Nights, Vlaze.com and WebridesTV. Let Szilva's Australian accent charm your clients at your next meeting. | MENU |


'Chicane' Civonne | 5' 5" 34-26-36

This super friendly brunette has years of brand ambassador work under her belt. Combine her stunning looks with her incredibly huge smile, and you’ll be sure to stop potential customers in their tracks. | MENU |


'GT' Geanina | 5'6" 34-24-36

This multi-talented and multi-lingual Romanian model is very responsible, energetic and outgoing. If you want a beauty with vast promotional and modeling experience, Geanna is your girl. | MENU |


'Mamba' Miriam | 5' 8½" 34-27-37
This Cuban-Lebanese model was born in Miami, where she grew up to win several beauty pageants as a teenager and continued on to compete internationally in the Ms. Latina USA pageant and won the title Miss Hispanidad USA. Passionate about the arts, Miriam attended the New World School of the Arts High School in Miami and studied theater as well. She later received her BA in Theater from Florida State University. Miriam hosts several music shows for "Es Musica", a web/mobile phone music network and has also starred alongside Oren Dayans and Dominic Rains in the play "Desert Sunrise" for seven weeks. | MENU |


'R8' Rachel | 5'7" 32C-25-34 110 lbs

Not only did Rachel win VH1's America's Most Smartest Model but does stand up comedy and charity work. Rachel loves the races and would love to work with you at your next event. | MENU |


'Nissan' Natallia | 5’6” 34-26-36
Born to an Irish/German mother and a Hungarian father, Natalia grew up in Florida. For the past several years, Los Angeles, is where Natalia has called home. Along with a new home, she has taken up new recreations; surfing, rock climbing, photography, and motor sports. Having her as part of your marketing team can be beneficial because she is energetic, knowledgeable about the motorsport world & has a quick witted, humorous personality. | MENU |


'V8' Marissa | 5'8" 34-26-34
Marissa grew up around NHRA drag racing.  Her father drives a top alcohol funny car so she has spent her entire life out at the track for both divisional & national NHRA events. Marissa knows her way around the track and is excellent with sponsors and fans. She knows how to work a crowd and is very outgoing. Marissa works as both a print and promotional model, is a quick learner and is very adaptable to any situation. | MENU |


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